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Answer to the Question: Can I see my kids if I am behind in child support?

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Pasadena, Texas Family Law Attorney Cari Brownlee, 281-998-8880, answers the common question, “Can I see my kids if I am behind in child support?”


My ex will not let me see my son/daughter. What can I do if my ex will not let me see my kid(s)?

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If your ex-spouse or ex-girlfriend/boyfriend will not let you see your children, you should contact a Family Law Attorney.  You will first want to establish visitation orders with a court in your jurisdiction. Once orders are established,then you have set times to see your children. If your ex does not allow you to see your children during your court ordered set visitation times,your ex could be held in contempt of court. Contempt of court may be punishable by jail.

If you are having a difficult time seeing your children, call me, Cari Brownlee, at 281-998-8880.

May I Withhold Visitation If My Ex-Husband or Ex-Wife Is Not Paying Child Support?

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You should not withhold visitation because your ex-spouse is not paying child support.  Visitation and child support are two separate issues.  Failure to pay child support by your ex-spouse does not justify you denying court-ordered visitation. If you deny visitation and disobey your court order regarding visitation, then you could be held in contempt of court.  

If you are not receiving the child support you are owed, contact me, Cari Brownlee, at 281-410-1177.